LILI + HENRY: at the origin of the project

Our wonderful adventure began in 2019. Driven by a passion for scarves and a desire to share her love of textiles, textures, colors and design, Julie Courchesne's creative spirit is awakened. Sensitive to the need to offer an exceptional product made locally, she sees in the production of quality scarves the opportunity to bring together her deep values ​​and interests.

Too often relegated to the rank of secondary accessories presented pell-mell, lost in the world of other clothing, scarves often occupy a background place in current fashion. The quality of the offer disappoints, so much so that it is abandoned. The idea of ​​restoring the value of this essential element, in all its simplicity, is gaining ground.

An entrepreneur at heart and experienced manager, Julie Courchesne is a born creator. Having multiple skills and interests, she has navigated the fields of marketing and strategic development, the wine industry, arts and tourism on 3 continents. An international career and a rich journey which led him to the creation of LILI + HENRY

I remember my mother Elizabeth's (Lili) drawer full of scarves. When I was little, I would find fabrics of all kinds there, like one discovers a treasure. Inviting to play, to travel, to stories: an object imbued with memory. -Julie Courchesne, founder

The Scarf

For some, it is a scarf, for others, a scarf: the same woven fabric which takes the shape and identity of the person who wears it. Sometimes utilitarian, sometimes aesthetic, it is an accessory which in all its modesty has the power to transport us. Because he dresses up an outfit to give it personality, make it elegant or colorful, he adds that little detail that can change everything. Multifunctional, timeless, durable and enveloping.

Light and free, the scarf inspires a way of living: one that embodies the idea of ​​LILI + HENRY.

An artistic vision: elegance in simplicity

Beauty is revealed in the simplicity of things: we believe that elegance is born from respect for natural materials. Its primary beauty, without artifice or embellishment, lies in the purity of its essence. A minimalist vision that guides our creative spirit.

Made from merino wool, linen and hemp, our creations highlight the rich textures and properties of these noble materials. They come from countries recognized for the high quality of their production, and from companies invested in respecting the environment and the workforce.

Inspired by the landscapes that surround us, LILI + HENRY scarves reflect them. Having lived in Paris, Australia, Norway and Montreal, Julie Courchesne's visual journey is made up of elements of nature and urbanity. The colors of the Australian lands, sky and sea, the subtle tones of the Parisian city and the infinite nuances of the Quebec forests materialize. Passionate about design and architecture, the sensitivity of the way she looks at the environment is transformed into visual harmony: straight, refined, modest and elegant lines are drawn

A movement for responsible fashion

We offer locally made clothing, inspiring the reappropriation of our know-how and encouraging responsible consumption. Buy less, buy better: made from sustainable and renewable natural materials, LILI + HENRY scarves are part of a responsible fashion movement. Because they are timeless and made to last, they accompany those who wear them for a long time, their simplicity and versatility evolving with them. Their multiple materials and colors, adapted to changing needs, states of mind and seasons, punctuate everyday life in a unique way.

We live in a world sensitive to economic and environmental issues, aware of humanity's contemporary challenges and keen to make more informed choices. Our mission is to be able to contribute to this, with a true and honest product.

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