THE MATERIAL: as natural as a scarf in the wind

The return to basics, in the service of manufacturing a garment that is just as essential: nature and its magnificent resources are the engine of our creativity, respect for its balance motivates our choices of raw materials.

Natural elegance and durability

Entirely produced from natural fibers of animal or plant origin, the fabrics used at LILI + HENRY reflect the convictions that guide us. The choice of noble, natural and eco-responsible materials is part of a lifestyle advocating informed and environmentally friendly consumption. In the same spirit, the dyes used to color our scarves do not contain any toxic, irritating or allergenic products.

For their texture, their unique quality and their durability, merino wool, linen and hemp are the standard bearers of our creations, focused on slow fashion and the making of timeless clothing.

MERINO WOOL: the queen of natural textiles

It was Napoleon's favorite: the wool of merino, sheep originating from Spain, has that little something royal. Of great finesse, it is recognized for its softness and whiteness, heritage of the purity of this sheep breed. Its fibers of exceptional quality and rare flexibility make it a natural material with unique properties, highly sought after in the making of warm, resistant and comfortable clothing.

Organic and biodegradable, the merino wool we use comes from an Italian mill which meets our ecological values. Ultralight, breathable and with antimicrobial properties: a tailor-made raw material for the creation of exceptional scarves.

CARE: Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap. Wring gently before drying flat.

LIN: perfection in all its simplicity

Cultivated by men for more than 30,000 years, flax has gone through the ages, sometimes in the form of oil, sometimes in the form of textile used to make useful objects, fabrics and clothing. Incomparably strong, its durable, entirely plant-based textile fibers stand the test of time. Extracted from the stem of the plant by maceration, linen fiber is synonymous with comfort, freshness and resistance. Its fluid, airy, supple and light fabric gives the clothes made from it a distinctive elegance.

Hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and biodegradable, it comes from a plant grown with very few inputs, pesticides or weedkillers, making it an undeniable eco-responsible choice. Harvested from root to stem, flax production also results in no waste. Italian-milled, the linen we use in our creations gives freedom of movement and a timeless look to LILI + HENRY scarves and scarves.

CARE: Dry clean

HEMP: the utility chameleon

Since Antiquity, hemp has had multiple uses; its fiber is one of the oldest textiles to have been exploited by man. Fabrics, construction materials, cosmetics, oils, ropes, biofuels, paper, food products or fuels: hemp is everywhere where it can be useful, following the evolving needs of society.

Pure, natural and eco-responsible: an exceptional plant whose cultivation generates ten times less water consumption than cotton and requires no growing chemicals. The hemp from French weaving that we use is of incomparable resistance, it is a fabric that is both enveloping and fluid, can be worn in summer as well as in winter, even protecting against UV rays. A material of choice for making scarves that will stand the test of time, whatever the weather.

CARE: Machine wash in lukewarm water, tumble dry recommended. Do not iron.

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