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Fall-Winter Collection

An autumn-winter collection dedicated to comfort and elegance: highlighting the exceptional properties of merino wool, the current models of

LILI + HENRY dress up the time of apples, falling leaves and the white season in a warm way.

Available in 3 variations, our scarves add vibrant color and distinction to your outfit, while protecting you from the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Made from 100% merino wool, a noble and ecological material, our scarves are colored in compliance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® standards, certifying the non-toxicity of textiles and dyes.

Made handmade by artisans on manual knitting machines in Montreal , our unique, classic, durable and universal creations will transport you, no matter the occasion.



Light enough to wear indoors, and warm enough to accompany you outdoors: the Essentielle scarf is the one that will follow you in all your activities. Made from extra-fine merino wool knit from Italy, it is available in soft or vibrant colors, sometimes to cast a delicate light on your outfit, sometimes to give it a remarkable shine that chases away the dullness. With its delicate, supple and light knits, it is naturally essential. The first model to make its debut at Lili + Henry, this 3-season scarf is available in around ten colors.



A good bowl of café crème, knitted version: made of fine merino wool, the thick and soft knit of the Envelope scarf will keep you warm. With its swelling effect, it is comfortable, soft, supple and always comforting. Worn around your neck or simply on your shoulders, over your coat or sweater for a casual or sophisticated look, it enhances your outfit by saving you a few degrees. Larger and thicker than its Essential and Classic sisters, it is the portable comforter to be well bundled up, no matter where you go.

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